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When you’re creating content that aims to engage, connect and impress your audience you not only need to follow a tailored content strategy but you will need to test and try different versions of the same content to see what works best.

At Polished Content, we always test your videos with minor differences to see how they perform against each other to see how your audience responds.

Sometimes we find that customers within your audience prefer content to be styled differently to others. However, that doesn’t mean that the content we produce has to be completely reworked, re-hauled and restyled to appeal to each sub-category of your audience.

Often, all it takes to engage different audiences or achieve varying results are small, stylistic changes or additions to how the content is presented.

Let’s look at this video and how it is presented in four different ways.

Video One:
Consider this video as the template. It is in it’s most basic form. It has no border, no quotes and is almost 30 seconds long.

Using templates for your content is a particularly useful strategy for when you have various audiences you want to connect with but want your content to remain uniform. Having a template does not necessarily mean using the same style for every single video, rather it means using one video to build on for the particular campaign.

While the content, you need to attract different audiences won’t be that different the way you present information will be the driving factor behind increased engagement.

Video Two:
Here is video one styled with a border. This may seem like a minor and possibly irrelevant change however videos with borders can help grab the attention of your audience better when they are scrolling through social media.

A border can make a video seem more important, more captivating and more eye-catching. Sometimes, a bold bright colour is the defining difference between catching someone’s attention and losing a customer to mindless scrolling.

Video Three:
Videos with customer quotes work best in retargeting campaigns or bottom line ads. Including real customer experiences, faces or reviews in your social media campaigns helps to develop brand credibility and build trust.

After someone has visited your website and not converted, they might just need a little more convincing.

Imagine they are choosing between your business and another business. What do they need to know in order to choose you? What is so good about your brand? Why should they trust your product? What proof is there to support your claims?

They need trust and involving your customers helps to build this.

Video Four:
Re-designing your social media ads for Instagram stories is imperative. It’s not enough to just upload the same video with the wrong dimensions and then just call it a day. Your content needs to be tailored specifically for each channel as well as for the audiences that live there.

See how this video is shorter, redesigned and straight to the point? It still follows the template of the first video but is tailored specifically for Instagram.

Great, effective content is all about finding the right touchpoints for your audience, learning what makes them stop and engage and then creating content that interests them.

If you’re ready to have fine-tuned, Polished digital content and to develop a rapport with your audience through advertisements, reach out to Polished Contact by filling out the form below.

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