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Quick Tips to Improve your Photography Skills

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Let's not beat around the bush. Product photography on websites can impact whether users want to browse a website, how long they stay, and even if they want to purchase. In short, we prefer to scroll through aesthetically pleasing photography. But this shouldn't come as a surprise, or else apps like Instagram wouldn't exist. 

We've all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. So, when it comes to product photography, imagine what a great photo can accomplish for your brand. We've put together a list of tips you can use to upskill your photography. 

Use a tripod

Tripods are a great way to improve the quality and clarity of photos as they stabilize your camera from shaky hands. They don’t have to be an expensive investment, and we’re sure you can find one at the right price point. Tripods aren’t a challenge to use and are a win in our eyes, as they reduce blur. 

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with holding your camera to take photos. But in our opinion, using a tripod can help provide consistency across the images being taken for use on websites and they can make photos appear more professional.

Get inspired by other great photographers

This goes without saying. Surrounding yourself with images from other photographers you appreciate can help you find your style and inspire you to work towards taking better photos of a similar calibre. 

However, getting inspiration doesn't mean copying photographers' ideas or recreating their images. Instead, it means replicating techniques, trying new things and spinning off creative ideas from photography you feel moved by.  

Doing this can help create goals for what you want to achieve. Not to mention, studying different photographers' work can help you understand what worked for them and see how you can adapt that into your photography.

Light it up! 

We've all heard of golden hour, and there's a reason that it's so popular even among beginner photographers and selfie-takers. Getting the lighting right can make or break photography and can even convey emotion and mood.

In product photography, you can use either natural or artificial lighting. Generally, the product you're photographing and the purpose of the photo can help decide which type of lighting to use. But, if you're not sure, take practice shots to decide which you think best sells the product.

First impressions matter in product photography too, so using flattering lighting can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Not to mention, one lighting setup will only work for some products, so it will need to be assessed case-to-case and adjusted as needed.

Practice, practice, practice 

We're sure you've heard it time and time again, but practicing is honestly the best thing that you can do. By putting in the time and effort plus trying out new ideas, you'll grow more accustomed to using your camera, learn how it works and how it can work better for you. With all the new tips you've learnt, you'll be improving your skills in no time. Remember, practice makes perfect! 

Happy snapping!

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