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3 Ways Drone Footage Can Help Your Business

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Why use Drones or UAVs?

Need an edge over your competition? Drones or Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAVs) have taken the world by storm in their versatile uses in agriculture, monitoring climate change, traffic surveillance, carrying out search operations, real estate, and even now in marketing campaigns.

We've all seen successful TV commercials with stunning aerial footage that gains an ulterior perspective on what would otherwise be a standard shot. So why not add a little spice and stand out with drone footage?

We've come up with our top 3 ways that drone footage can elevate your traditional marketing campaigns.

1. Take your marketing to new heights.

Drone footage offers a unique perspective on traditional photography or videography. When taking photos or shooting videos showing an alternative angle that your audience usually can't see easily is captivating and engaging. Drone technology allows pilots to obtain shots with minimal limitations, and drone footage can be taken just about anywhere it is legally permitted. 

This is a game changer for businesses wanting to show off their venue or land, as aerial shots provide a birds-eye view of the stunning scenery while putting into perspective the available space and offering. In addition, drone footage allows the space to speak for itself. 

It doesn't stop there. Drone footage can be used in product marketing too. We have all seen car advertisements with a remarkable aerial view showing the product from a new height. Those stunning shots provide a cinematic experience to traditional marketing that is available to your organisation.

Aerial View Drone Photography

 2. Stand out from the crowd

Innovation is crucial to the continued success of any organisation. Without new ideas and new content, the door is left open for your competition to take the lead. Drone footage is one way to think outside the box and create a competitive edge, as drones offer unique angles and can take impressive high-quality, bold shots of your product or offering. 

The footage captured from drones can be cinematic and beautiful. Drones allow you to step away from the classic avenues of traditional marketing and move towards creating different visual content that is sure to captivate the market.

Drone Shoot Polished Content

3. Create a Polished image

What better way to improve your overall positioning than by creating a polished, professional image. Initial impressions are important, and not only is drone footage impressive, but when executed well, it can help build a curated image that shows off your talent or offering in a stand-out way.

With spell-binding footage captured at new heights, which are a step above traditional shots, you're sure to charm audiences and command attention. 

Aerial footage showcases your product, offering, venue, or land in a new light, and high-quality footage captured the right way is designed to attract the target audience. Audiences want to see things in a new innovative way, and drone shots can achieve just that.

Drone Shoot Polished Content


While you can do anything yourself, the question is whether or not it's worth it. 

Drones can be expensive. To achieve breathtaking, high-quality shots, you must have a high-quality drone, and that is where costs can add up. 

On top of this, flying drones requires a license and the time to master taking the right shots in the best way. 

While it is possible to do it yourself, you need to consider the time and money it will take to achieve the same quality that you could hire a technician to do. 

Polished Content has the knowledge and means to capture and create stunning drone footage to perfectly suits your needs. If you are considering drone photography or videography for your business, schedule a free consultation today!

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