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Top Filming Tips for Socials

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Social media video content is a great asset for building a community online and gaining exposure for your brand. So knowing how to attract and hold attention spans in video content successfully is crucial for your videos to achieve results. Video content is great for social engagement and building trust with your audience, but doing it right can be challenging. To help you create engaging, quality videos, we’ve compiled some tips to make your videos worth watching.

10 tips for creating quality video content for social media


Plan it out

Before you begin filming, it’s good practice to plan out the video you’re aiming to produce. This will help you stay organised and on track and ensure that you don’t forget anything important while filming. You can create a quick storyboard to annotate and visualise the frames that make up your video.

Start strong

When creating videos, the first few seconds are crucial to grab your audience’s attention. So start your video with something sure to stop people scrolling, like asking a question, start with a shock, use a trending sound, or leave your viewers asking questions. Once you have your viewer’s attention, you have to hold it.

Hold still

Shaky footage can make your video look unprofessional. It can also take away from your overall message and what you aim to convey by being a distraction to the audience. To ensure this doesn’t happen, consider using a tripod or a stabiliser to keep the camera steady.

Short and sharp

With the growing popularity of reels and TikToks, attention spans on social media have declined. Short-form videos are more successful if they are to the point while still captivating and creative. Keep your videos brief, concise and entertaining.

Good lighting is key

Creating content with proper lighting can dramatically enhance your videos’ quality. Filming in a dark area can negatively impact the presentation of the product or space you’re showing off or can even appear unprofessional. Make use of natural lighting as much as possible, or consider investing in lighting equipment.

Loud and clear

Like lighting, audio quality impacts the viewing of your video content. Poor audio quality can ruin a video. It’s no good having a well-filmed, entertaining video if the audio quality isn’t clear and lets it down. Filming in a quiet location is a must, but we also recommend investing in a good-quality microphone that will pick up sound clearly.


Be yourself

Speaking to a camera can be difficult. But in order to have a successful video, you have to inject some of your personality into what you’re filming or saying. Your audience will connect better with your content if there is authenticity and personality behind the message being presented. So don’t be afraid to show your true self.

Editing is crucial

Editing is a huge part of the process. Taking the time to do it right is extremely important. While editing, you can fine-tune the message, add any transitions, effects, or sounds or snip any mistakes. This will give your video a more polished and professional look.

Add subtitles 

One thing to consider when creating video content is whether or not you should add subtitles. While it’s not necessary, it is inclusive to communities that are hard of hearing.

Experiment and have fun

Creating content on social media can be tricky to get right, so experiment with different techniques, content types and sounds and have fun while filming. Don’t hesitate to jump in on new trends or try new tactics and see what works well for you and the content you create.

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