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How Motion Can Elevate Your Creative Content

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Consistently designing and creating eye-catching, engaging content can be challenging. A simple way to elevate any ad or content is to introduce movement. Implementing elements of motion and animation in content can enhance your design and be visually captivating without looking tacky. These are some of the reasons you should be including motion in your creative design to make your creative go from good to outstanding.

 Attract attention

Let's face it animated ads are better at attracting attention than alternative static ads. Eyes are drawn to movement, which gives ads with motion a higher likelihood of capturing a viewer's attention. In a crowded online space full of ads moving elements can give you the upper hand to draw in users and keep them engaged with your content.


Telling a story

Another way motion can be used is to create a narrative. Not only is this engaging, but it also helps build connections with the brand, raise awareness, share the brand's story, and convey the brand's values and views. When done successfully, this will allow the brand to connect with the viewer and share valuable information about the brand's ethos, products, process or story.

Boost Interactions

One great aspect of motion is that it can invite interactivity. This means users can engage with the ad they are presented with and interact with the brand meaningfully. Including interactive elements is a terrific way to boost engagement and make your content a more memorable experience for viewers.

Make it memorable

Using animation in your marketing strategy, content, and ads can make them more memorable than traditional static content. Additionally, added elements, including characters, imagery or music, can trigger the viewer's memory, particularly if they are distinctive. For example, we've all heard a memorable jingle from an ad or remember a character paired with a brand. These are some techniques brands use to stay at the forefront of viewers' memory and improve recall and engagement.



Motion and animation can improve viewers' brand awareness, drive brand personality, and enhance viewer recall. One way to do this is by using consistent elements and animation styles. Doing this makes a brand more memorable and viewers more likely to engage with them.

Highlight key features

A great way that animation can improve your creative content is to use it to highlight certain key features. This can help convey a brand's message easier through eye-catching motion paired with a call to action. In addition, using motion can assist with communicating product or service features, benefits, or functionality in a visually striking and engaging way.

Less is more

While including animation in creative content and ads can be an exciting concept for improving engagement, applying less is more. Too much animation can overwhelm viewers and have the reverse effect of being off-putting. On the other hand, including the right amount of motion gives your content movement and a refined subtlety to attract attention and make viewers double-take.


How can you add motion to your creative content and ads?

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