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About Us .

We’re Polished Content

If you have a story to tell, we know how to tell it. We work harmoniously with your marketing strategy to build your brand through descriptive, emotive and perfectly polished content. We get a kick out of content that not only looks good but speaks volumes too. For any channel, through any medium, if you’re after content that no one will scroll past, we are the creators for you.

Polished Content has been years in the making and finally came to life to compliment our sister agency, Red Herring Digital.

After many years of offering content creation, Alex and Phillip believed that it was finally time to HERO the creative services under its very own polished name and never looked back.

They were both passionate about wanting to help Australian businesses succeed- something that hasn’t changed a bit.

Do you need polished content?

Fill out your details and one of our gurus will be in touch shortly.