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Top Ten Creative Trends To Try in 2021

There’s nothing more boring than stale creative. People are visual creatures, consumers especially, and the first thing that their eyes are drawn to is your creative. Whether it be a logo, an Instagram asset or a video on your Facebook page, there’s no doubt that people will be paying attention. You don’t want to bore them with something they’ve already seen a dozen times over.

It’s time for something new and exciting! We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favourite creative trends we’ve seen bubbling this year 😘  Whether you’re a small business trying your hand at social media or an established creative looking to mix it up, we’re here to help execute these ideas for you, or at least get the ideas flowing! 

1. Bold Typography

There are so many young artists and designers creating new fonts every day, it’s time to break out of the Helvetica bubble and take some risks. Whether you’re planning something stripped back or something bold and colourful, 2021 is the time to explore. The way you use colour, type and iconography can ‘tap into deep emotions’ for consumers. What better way to get your point across?

2. Creative uses of UGC

UGC stands for ‘user-generated content’ and basically refers to any content a customer or patron captures of your product. This can range from Instagram photos to a video review. UGC is a resource waiting to be incorporated into your creative. It lends a level of authenticity to the creative, as it acts as the voice of the customer. We recently incorporated user review videos into our content for Aurora Athletic, making creative use of regular video content.

3. Animation

This might seem like a no-brainer, but why have a static image when you could animate it!? Jazz up an ordinary informational image or sales post with some quirky animations. Animation has been scientifically proven to increase viewer attention, and on top of that, it’s a fun addition to any website or social profile.

4. Psychedelia

Psychedelic imagery and typography is predicted to be a huge trend for 2021. This is partially a reaction to the minimalist design trends of previous years, and also a natural response to all the simple and informative creative of 2020’s pandemic. It’s time to explore crazy colours, patterns and design. We explored our own take on psychedelic design for Gonzo Vino earlier in the year, and had a blast doing it!

5. Carousels with a point of view

There’s no denying how widely utilised Instagram and Facebook’s carousel or multiple upload feature is. However, what’s more, exciting are carousels with a point of view. For example, the New York Times frequently uses carousels to establish continuity or to share long-form information. Try using your carousel posts to tell a story or communicate something effectively. 

6. Instagram stories that actually tell a story

Similarly, Instagram stories that actually tell a story are becoming more popular every week. We’re loving seeing information spread out over multiple Instagram story slides. Not only does it look cool, but it also increases viewer retention and engagement!

7. Infographics

In 2020, infographics became a huge part of our online life. Whether they were used to communicate critical information about social movements (#BlackLivesMatter) or simply to remind people to wear a mask, you couldn’t go online without seeing them. In terms of raising awareness or spreading information, there’s nothing quite as effective as an infographic.

8. Mixing high res and low res

Mixing older lower resolution footage and newer high-resolution footage can create an extremely visually effective pairing. Take this Nike campaign for example. By pairing older retro-looking sports footage, camera-phone captured imagery and high-resolution commercial content, an interesting collage effect can be created. This can also be a genius way to repurpose low-quality footage!

9. More colour, please

Colour, more colour and then colour on the side! Tying in with the trends of bold typography and psychedelic visuals, colour is on the menu for 2021. Try experimenting with new and unexpected colour combinations for your branding, bold colours in the video and exploring new colours in photoshoots. Your audience will thank you!

10. Experimental Lighting

Gone are the days when simple studio lighting or an influencer ring-light was groundbreaking. Now it’s all about experimenting with different kinds of lighting, whether it be an organic LED glow or avant-garde post-production, creativity is encouraged. Think about how to best capture mood and ambience through lighting, and remember that it’s okay to take risks.

The team at Polished Content are always here to help bring to life any creative ideas you may have. Whether it be a branded photoshoot or a campaign shot entirely using a drone- we’re here for you. Contact us with any enquiries here.